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September 23, 2018 by Joshua
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You responded with overwhelming support to my last two posts

I value more views. If you haven’t written, please email.

Looking back, I’ve only heard support from readers on voicing controversial views. I think people could tell I want to branch out. Institutions like Inc. have been more conservative, but as one reader wrote,

NYU is lucky to have you and last I checked, there are several other institutions who would snatch you up in a heartbeat! You are also innovative and know that when one door closes, another opens.

You can’t please everyone all the time and that has never been your goal. It is to help folks grow.

I’ve learned that taking risks means having faith in yourself, where faith means belief without evidence. No one can predict the future perfectly. The question isn’t if problems will arise. They will. The question is how we handle them. Do I have faith in myself that I have the skills, experience, and beliefs to turn what comes my way to my and my readers’ advantage.

Another wrote,

Engagement is what people crave. Matching that with issues, topics, movements that matter to them might be a good way to go. But letting them know more about the awesome human being behind it shouldn’t ever be a bad thing when it’s an awesome human being like yourself.

Another specified areas, such as obesity, male-bashing, acting on the environment over just talking—for example:

Journalists seem to be taking on sexual misconduct and sexual assault issues all the time now it seems. What are they missing? When you took on the business literature for writing so heavily for “more women in leadership” , I thought that was spot on, and represented a view rarely discussed, if ever.

but also noted, soberly,

I would not take the topic on personally, and have every reason to believe your professorship could be endangered if you choose that route.

Next steps and how you can help

The main support was to write on new, controversial topics.

  1. What topics are on your mind you’d like to see me cover?
  2. What should I avoid?

A couple readers suggested promoting more.

  1. Are you good at marketing?
  2. Would you like to help bring this blog and podcast’s message to new audiences?

Thank you.

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