Should I write on more controversial issues?

September 22, 2018 by Joshua
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I mostly write about leadership, education, learning leadership, fitness, personal growth, the environment, and a few related topics.

Most people who talk to me in person know a few topics I talk a lot about but hold back on writing about. They’re controversial and people with different views are powerful and vindictive—politics, especially identity politics, obesity, sexuality, sexual equality, attraction and dating, and a few others.

With part of my income coming from NYU, I’m sensitive from accounts like in Coddling of the American Mind that loud voices can get me fired for saying things by people who agree with me. Crazy, but that’s our world.Speakers Corner

Yet when I’ve written on suffering men face that society ignores (such as Why are we so blind to sexism that hurts men and boys? and More missing sexism when it hurts men), I’ve received only positive feedback and requests for more.

Likewise, my posts on Trump and speaking to supporters (such as If You Voted for Trump, Let’s Meet. and Leaders Listen: Crossing the Political Divide) have helped me grow.

Talking to Jonathan Haidt led me to want to engage people who disagree with me more and to see someone approaching controversial topics calmly, without stirring things up more, yet still productively.

Should I engage on more controversial topics?

While I think I can help with unique and valuable messages, I take personal risk doing so, but how can I stand by when people shout each other down, often resorting to violence. I’m starting to feel that if people don’t stand up against oppressive, powerful people (even if they say claim others oppress them), no one will be left to stand up.

I don’t want to distract my focus on leadership and the environment, but, as I wrote in The privilege of scientific ignorance, issues of privilege, education, entitlement, and ignorance are connected to environmental action.

What risk would that mean taking?

I’m curious what readers think and want, if anything. Do you think I should cover more controversial topics?

If a writer asked me if he should take on more controversial topics, I’d say yes. After all, it’s more exciting reading and what’s my risk?

So I also ask, if you want more controversy, what risk do you think it would mean I’m taking?

Would you take that risk?

What issues should I cover?

Are there issues you want to see me cover?

Which ones?

What have you liked from me so far?

Or should I stick to what got you here?

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