More missing sexism when it hurts men

August 30, 2018 by Joshua
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I’ve written several times on how our society seems comfortable dismissing sexism when it hurts men.

Saying that because some men have power, unearned or not, therefore all men do doesn’t make it so. It means you’re seeing people by an accident of their births than for themselves.

It also gets votes for populists.

It also dismisses and ignores their situation—their pain, their suffering, their struggle, their triumphs, and so on.Do Men Really Have It Easier

Some situations show men’s struggles and where they lack of power. The Washington Post posted a story last month Crossing the divide: Do men really have it easier? These transgender guys found the truth was more complex about four people who transitioned to being men. The differences between how people treated them when they saw them as women versus as men seemed so clear, yet so underplayed in the article, I recorded my commentary, which is today’s audio post.

As I mention in the audio, I’m scared to share what seems obvious because I see people pilloried for not toeing a line saying that all men benefit from being in a patriarchy and that all women suffer from it. One of the men in the story shares how when people saw him as a woman they supported him, when as a man—the same person underneath, they only saw him differently—they tried to silence him. He refused to allow them to silence him, especially for being a man.

What can I say, he inspired me.

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