Heroes of New York, episode 2: Doing meaningful things, a conversation on change

June 16, 2020 by Joshua
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The Heroes of New York podcast host Anu Senan posted our second conversation. The show features people who show exemplary behavior in the epicenter of the epicenter.

Listen to the episode.

She liked the episode enough to invited me for a second episode. Here are the show notes:

In this episode, Josh and I talk about change. There is only one way to fight climate change, pandemics and systemic racism. Through change. But to change anything, we need to first change ourselves. Changing our behaviors is how we can influence change in our society. But how hard is it? Tune in to hear Josh share his wisdom as he changed his lifestyle and continues to do so in a bid to save the environment.

Listen to the 1st part of this talk on building Habits that Stick here.

Joshua Spodek PhD MBA is a three-time TEDx speaker, #1 bestselling author of Initiative and Leadership Step by Step, host of the award-winning Leadership and the Environment podcast, and professor at NYU. He works with individuals and groups to improve their environmental culture and behavior.

Here’s the TEDx video that Josh refers to in this episode where he goes into depth doing meaningful things.

Listen to the episode.

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