How to Make Meaningful Connections Workshop: January 26 in Brooklyn

December 17, 2015 by Joshua
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The Media Center is “a new kind of collaborative workspace dedicated to supporting and connecting the next generation of media and tech entrepreneurs, innovators and artists by providing industry resources, events, mentorship and educational opportunities,” created by the City of New York’s Made In NY program and the Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP).

It’s a vibrant space with an active community in an exciting area of Brooklyn. On January 26th I’ll lead a workshop there on How to Make Meaningful Connections, 6:30-8:30pm at 30 John Street.

I’ve led this workshop many times and people have loved it and put it into practice immediately.

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From the registration page:

Making connections is critical to building a career and a life—and a major challenge. Who hasn’t gotten tongue-tied in front of an important person? Or taken a common piece of career advice and tried to network, only to give up after too many stilted, useless conversations?

This seminar, a highlight of Josh’s leadership course at New York University, will teach you how to create meaningful connections with anyone: from people you’d like to know socially to strangers at networking events to high-value people outside your social circle.

Drawing on his background as a scientist, entrepreneur and coach, Josh developed a simple script that guarantees conversations based on vulnerability, passion and intimacy—setting the stage for new relationships and opportunities. You’ll learn that script and practice it in a fun, supportive environment, and you’ll come away with a skill that can help you professionally and personally throughout your life.

This seminar offers:

  • A script you can use to create meaningful connections
  • The chance to practice that script and make it your own
  • A fun, interactive environment
  • A method that works for anyone—shy or gregarious, old or young, student or working professional
  • A skill you can practice all your life for both professional and personal development

I hope to see you there! You’ll be glad you came.

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