I can charge on my roof in February in shorts and a tank top. Stop polluting!

February 15, 2023 by Joshua
in Addiction, Nature

Today hit 66F (19C) in New York. I took advantage of the sunshine to charge on the roof and was more than comfortable in shorts and a tank top.

This was me today:

You must know that the people who predicted the Earth would warm also predicted if we didn’t change wholesale immediately human population would collapse in our lifetime. That means you’re putting your life at risk.

How are you not scared enough to change your lifestyle? Understand that the following suggestions will improve your life: Stop polluting. Stop flying. Stop buying disposable diapers. Get rid of your TV. Avoid doof. You’ve been conditioned to think without them you’ll suffer.

If your reaction is “individual action doesn’t help” your mind is so twisted around you don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s like I said in response to the obesity crisis to enjoy vegetables instead of doof and you said individual action doesn’t matter. Or in response to the opioid epidemic, I said to enjoy exercise and regular sleep instead of injecting heroin and fentanyl in the park and you said but individual action doesn’t matter. It improves your life.

(If you said it was hard to stop because you’re addicted, that’s another story. Yes, kicking an addiction is hard. You make up excuses to rationalize keeping hurting others, but you can do it.)

You’re suffering with things like flying, disposable diapers, and bingeing on TV. They’re weighing you down. You know what will happen when you stop them? You’ll find freedom all over your life. You’ll see how to change governments and corporations.

You’ll stop hiding from horrors like hot Februaries in New York City.

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