I don’t have to steward. I get to.

September 5, 2020 by Joshua
in Models, Nature

I don’t have to do what I do to act in stewardship to others. I get to. By avoiding flying and packaged for or by picking up others’ litter or training people for free to start offshoots of my podcast, I’m not missing out on better things or sacrificing my time.

If you think stewardship to others, especially those helpless to protect themselves from my actions that hurt them, lessens my life, you’re missing out on the greatest feelings humans can have, to act in service of something greater than all of us, that helps us all.

If you think I’m a sucker or a loser for doing unto others as I would have them do unto me, as many prominent people think of someone who doesn’t act transactionally, well, that’s your business, but think of the company you keep.

I’m thinking of incorporating the phrase, “I don’t have to steward, I get to.” into my main goal, as in, “I intend to help lead hundreds of millions, maybe billions, of people to feeling ‘I don’t have to steward, I get to.’ and acting on it.”

I hope you’ll join.


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