The virus does nothing

September 6, 2020 by Joshua
in Nature

People talk about what the virus does, like it spreads on its own or it’s waiting or it want this or that.

The virus does nothing on its own. It has no means of locomotion. It has no mind to think or choose. It has no volition or will.

It reacts. That’s it. It’s like water flowing downhill. We need to learn its structure and mechanisms to learn how it works, but we need to look at ourselves to change its results.

Not blaming. Stating.

Everything that’s happened regarding the virus has resulted from our behavior and nothing else. I’m not blaming. I’m stating. It evolved to spread more than its cousins by reproducing more numerously based on our behavior.

As with the environment, if we want to change the results, we have to change the cause—our behavior. Since our behavior results from our beliefs, stories, images, systems, experiences, and other elements of our culture, we have to change them if we want to change the virus’s course.

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