Immature, spoiled eating habits and the Yummy Phase

November 24, 2017 by Joshua
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The more I cook for myself, the more I appreciate nuance, subtlety, complexity, variety, and so forth in food, as well as the expression of the person who prepared the food.

Also, the more I see others as stuck in the yummy phase, which describes the United States population increasingly in number and increasingly in areas beyond food.

What’s the yummy phase? The urban dictionary defines it effectively:

The period of life, commonly experienced during childhood, when a person’s taste is limited to those foods/treats considered “yummy.” Having not yet developed an appreciation for such acquired tastes as coffee, beer or wine, certain vegetables, cigars, etc, a person in the yummy phase tends to favor the flavor of such savory treats as sugary sweets that some older adults deem “too rich” to be consumed in such quantities. Although the yummy phase is most often associated with youth, it can sometimes continue later into life, even persisting for some throughout their lifetime.

For example:

As she was still in the yummy phase, she added only a splash of coffee to her jug of creamer, and only as a means of disguising her consumption of the thick, white concoction as “drinking coffee.”

and Adam Carolla describes it well, and funny.

I’ve lost friends to the yummy phase—people who regularly order Domino’s Pizza in Manhattan, which hosts some of the world’s best pizza, who avoid even fresh, home-made guacamole in favor of packaged. The difference in palates wedged between everything else. We didn’t dislike each other or get angry. We just reached a limit on how much time we could spend together and moved on. They spend more time with their yummy phase friends and I spend more time with mine who have emerged from it.

I bring up the topic after seeing an adult eating Kraft Macaroni and Cheese at a Thanksgiving dinner with plenty of foods anyone out of the yummy phase would consider delicious. I described him as immature. Others said people just had different tastes. I played the clip below for them and they came to agree.

I don’t know if Carolla invented the term or someone else did, but it fits some people… more people more accurately all the time.

Here’s some yummy phase food:

Yummy phase food

Yummy phase food

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