In the wild: the Spodek Method practiced by someone else to heartwarming success

January 20, 2023 by Joshua
in Audio, Leadership, Nature

Regular listeners heard me on the Carbon Sessions podcast, by the community created by podcast guest Seth Godin that created the bestselling book The Carbon Almanac. You can tell that one host of the Carbon Sessions, Brian, had listened to This Sustainable Life.

We kept in touch after recording. He was interested in the Spodek Method. We practiced it and recorded the three videos below of me teaching it, conceiving of using them as a test to create an online course.

Neither of us could have predicted that he’d have the chance to practice it in a later Carbon Sessions recording, impromptu. Here is that episode. In a conversation with another host on new year’s resolution, he walks her through the Spodek Method. To my ears, she loved the experience, which led her to an activity she looked forward to, based on her intrinsic motivations. Check it out:

The Spodek Method: How to

Week one: how to lead someone to act on an intrinsic motivation

Week two: how to follow up

Week three, advanced, leading others

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