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October 7, 2012 by Joshua
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When I met Jose Gaztelu, my business school classmate and friend who did the bulk of the organizing for this weekend’s INSEAD leadership seminar in Singapore, at the hotel Friday, he asked how many people I thought were signed up. When my flight had taken off that morning from Shanghai it was ten or twelve so I guessed about a dozen.


So the attendees filled the room — a great group. They were attentive, asked great questions, and started applying the material before the seminar ended.

When I mentioned burpees, they wanted to get me to do a few and all started clapping to force me to do it. I said I would if they would. So about half the room did five burpees each together. Super fun!

A quick glance at the testimonials… here’s the first one:

It’s worth taking some time to increase your self-awareness. What you learn here is applicable forever.

Thanks to Jose, INSEAD, and everyone who attended!

INSEAD Leadership seminar October 6-7, 2012Also thanks to my friends and Jose’s who hosted a couple great parties and rooftop barbeques.

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