I’ve waited nearly half a century to deliver this pun.

March 5, 2023 by Joshua
in Humor, Stories

I’m interrupting my usual talk of sustainability leadership, sidchas, doof, and my other usual subjects for a story that happened this afternoon.

The scene: With family. People’s stuff and toiletries are scattered about the room.

My sister moved some things on a table and knocked a tube of toothpaste on the floor. She heard the noise but couldn’t see what fell.

I said, “the toothpaste fell.”

She didn’t hear and asked, “what?”

The moment of a lifetime arrived. The skies opened up. I’m that big into puns, I saw an opportunity since the first I’d heard this pun in my childhood. I answered

“‘The toothpaste fell’ I said, crestfallen.

It’s not a PhD in physics or changing global culture to embrace sustainability, but yes, I consider it a life achievement.

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