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August 27, 2018 by Joshua
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Kevin Huhn contacted me because our spheres overlapped. We got to talking about acting on one’s values even when nobody is around—that is, integrity—which acting on your environmental values teaches.

I shared with him my new initiative to promote picking up 1 piece of litter (or producing 1 less) per day and inviting 1 other person to join the initiative too. I shortened 1 litter 1 person to the hashtag #1L1P. So to join, just pick up one piece of litter per day, enlist one other person to do the same, and post a picture with #1L1P, and the movement can grow.

I recommend starting for a month, which means picking up 30 pieces of litter and enlisting 30 people, who will then start their months of daily cleaning up and enlisting their people.

Many people say “if everyone does a little it adds up,” which I don’t find compelling. If everyone stops using straws, we haven’t changed much.

I hope 1L1P creates a mechanism to move from hope and wishful thinking to action. I’ve moved from 1 piece of trash per day to a lot more, including starting my Leadership and the Environment podcast. Many people have followed, including the former student whom I profiled in Inc. whose picking up litter inspired starting the podcast.

Kevin liked the story and initiative and offered to host my first publicly sharing the movement.

So, ladies and gentlemen, Kevin and I present the public start of #1L1P:

Kevin Huhn

From Kevin’s company’s team page:

Kevin Huhn

Kevin Huhn

Founder | Chief Inspirational Officer

Kevin Huhn is an award-winning business growth strategist, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer at Be Your Best Today™, which is dedicated to empowering and educating people so they can live the life they love and build massively-successful companies people love. He is a certified coach and the creator of the “Total Branding Blueprint.™â€

His strategies have transformed hundreds of businesses in Canada and the US.  After chasing his boyhood dream for nearly 40 years, it finally came true when he became the Director of Business Development for the Central Hockey League followed by sales & marketing consultant to the SPHL.  Along the way he also won a Civic Recognition Award from the City of Markham in 2012.

But success didn’t start out that way… Yes, at the age of 43 his dream was realized, but not before trials and tribulations that included, failing high school, dropping out of college, getting fired from 2 jobs, getting divorced and then falling on financial hardship. And more importantly receiving hundreds of rejection letters from teams for nearly 20 years.

Kevin knew that his participation at the youth hockey level would not “put food on the table”. So while chasing the impossible (told to him by many), he worked at developing himself professionally. He gained valuable knowledge about business and people working at Fortune 500s and then as a consultant for himself. It wasn’t until he took a chance at gaining credibility, that people started to take notice of his expertise. In 2004, he wrote his first book, Hockey-ology. A book targeted to help the masses in the game at the youth level. He provided a new perspective on how the game of hockey was more than just a sport for kids but rather a teacher of life skills.

Then when he least expected it, he got the call. The Central Hockey League, a AA pro league, offered him the position of Director of Business Development. A position that Kevin would fulfill for 4 seasons. Kevin is one of “Canada’s Most Inspiring Speakers,” who adds humor, compassion, and ensures audiences engagement.  He is dedicated to providing business owners with proven strategies so they can achieve lasting profitability while ethically positioning their company top-of-mind for people to love.

Kevin lives in Markham, Ontario where he pursues his passion for helping others and spending quality time with friends and family.

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