Leadership and the Environment is Podcast of the Day today!

December 15, 2017 by Joshua
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Stop the presses

Today’s episode of Leadership and the Environment is Player FM’s Podcast of the Day! … a great honor for a new podcast.

It features conversation #1 with Tanner Gers — Paralympic U.S. Gold Medalist, Beep Baseball (baseball for the blind) star, TEDx speaker, coach, podcaster, and more.

Leadership and the Environment is Player.fm's Podcast of the Day

The credit goes to:

All of you, for subscribing and reviewing, helping it reach #38, with 70+ reviews, overwhelmingly 5-star.

Tanner, for an inspirational conversation. You’ll hear the chemistry that began when he first hosted me on his show. I’m more reserved, so he gets credit. He’s open, vulnerable, caring, fun, funny, and more.

Player.fm, for recognizing Tanner’s awesomeness and being a great podcast player. I looked them up: over a million downloads and 60,537 reviews, overwhelmingly 5-star, plus raves from professionals. (I have no relationship with them.)

Forbes, for driving traffic with two articles about me in one week.

Still, I measure the podcast’s success by measurable effects on the environment and people living better by their values, not mere ratings. If you haven’t subscribed and reviewed and you feel it deserves it, please subscribe, review, and share it.

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