Learn influence, persuasion, and creating and closing deals! Take my 4-session course, January 16 – 26 in NYC

January 6, 2017 by Joshua
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Take my 4-session in-person course in influence, persuasion, and creating and closing deals!

I’m offering this course by popular demand, organized by the students who took my leadership class in-person last semester. They knew I’ve offered this class and wanted to take it so they took initiative to make it happen. How could I refuse?

I often call it Entrepreneurial Selling, but it’s deeper than “just” sales. It’s about creating productive relationships, not just in business, though there is a business focus. It’s fine if you’ve never done sales or never plan to, but want to be more persuasive and influential, in ways people appreciate, being the opposite of pushy or invasive, but rather warm, sensitive, caring, and empathetic

  • In job interviews
  • With your managers
  • In personal relationships
  • With family and friends
  • In negotiations
  • And in any give-and-take interaction

I don’t know if or when I’ll offer this popular, engaging, highly rated course again, and probably never at the price below, especially not after my book launches next month.

The class is already populated by the most active students from my class last semester, so you can expect lively and active participation. I’m offering it independent of any institution, so there will be no grades and it will be friendly and informal. The exercises are personal and challenging, but safe and with a mutually supportive group.


Click here to email me

and I’ll put you in touch with the student organizing it.

I wouldn’t wait because I don’t know how fast it will fill up and there are already several people taking it.


  • Dates: January 16 (Monday), 19 (Thursday), 23 (Monday), 26 (Thursday)
  • Time: 6pm – 9pm
  • Location: Lower Manhattan, convenient to public transportation
  • Cost: $200
  • Prerequisites: None

Click here to email me if you’re interested

Course Information

Here is information from the syllabus last time I offered the course. It describes it as more focused on business sales and less generally about influence and persuasion because the university asked me to do so, so expect it to be more general.

Course Description:

Sales skills are essential to anyone in business, and not just to sell a product or service. Sales skills also help to start a venture, to get hired, to get promoted, and to turn ideas into realities. Yet most people shy away from selling out of anxiety, often based upon a short-term, high-pressure view of sales.

This course covers essential and effective skills to influence and motivate in settings beyond just sales calls. These skills especially apply to entrepreneurial environments that have new products, few resources, a short operating history, and a need for new relationships. Learn an effective sales process that builds relationships based on listening, value, and mutual benefit—the opposite of high-pressure sales.

Course Structure/Method:

The course is practical with in-class and at-home exercises to give you experience in key aspects of selling. It adopts a model of setting up and leading a sales call to cover the elements of how to establish trust so potential clients will share their needs, then to create a deal, and to close it.

After a course overview and class introductions, we will cover the structure of forming an effective entrepreneurial sales relationship through an effective meeting structure. The first session will consider how potential clients see you, the seller, to learn to address their concerns and fears by establishing your credibility, empathy, sensitivity, trust, and leadership before and during the sales call.

The second session will then cover the importance of their sharing their needs before pitching or trying to solve their problems and how to make them feel comfortable sharing them. We will cover different types of questions to get different types of information relevant to the sale and how to make a meaningful connection.

The third session will cover offering suggestions and solutions and handling objections.

The fourth session will cover closing and teamwork, and then review the course.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Course objectives will be accomplished through in-class exercises, between-class exercises, a project, class discussions, and written reflections.
  • By the end of this course, students will be able to:
  • Enjoy selling entrepreneurially
  • Learn the importance of the structure of a sales call to address clients’ concerns and establish you as a credible, trustworthy, sensitive, empathetic leader
  • Experience doing key aspects of the selling process
  • Elicit needs and problems so people want you to help solve them
  • Expect and resolve inevitable objections without getting flustered
  • Move to closing a deal
  • Work with teammates in sales meetings


Click here to email me

and I’ll put you in touch with the student organizing it.

I wouldn’t wait because I don’t know how fast it will fill up and there are already several people taking it.

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