More fun overcoming solar challenges, this time in Washington Square Park

March 25, 2024 by Joshua
in Leadership, Nature

Yesterday was sunny. I went to Washington Square Park. I had been scheduled to meet a friend in the park before the problem with my roof arose so combined activities. We spoke about an hour. I think he enjoyed seeing everyone approach and hearing their questions and my answers.

Right off the bat several people asked me about it. Some were interested, some just curious, some weird. So far only men. [EDIT: minutes after typing those words, a day later and on Sixth Avenue, the first woman approached and asked. Did my typing send vibes to the universe to make it happen?]

Here’s a shot of me in the morning, before many people arrived. By midday it was full. I thought “maybe I should have brought out panels earlier to share my story,” though I’m also worried that carrying them around more wears them out faster. They’re portable, but I suspect every time I move them ages them and I want them to last their full lives.

I should think of a way to be more public about this since people seem so interested. Almost everyone asks “how long does a charge last?”

I answer “I asked the question at first. Then I realized it works the other way. How much sun there is determines what I can do. Nature comes first, then what I want.” Then I generally pause and continue, “No one believes me when I say it, but I live with more abundance this way. When I plugged in, I got basically infinite power, but this way I appreciate it more even though I use less.”

Lots of other common questions. A few investors in what they call clean tech, surprisingly. Some neighbors, some tourists, some people from outer boroughs.

Below right, an action shot answering questions taken by my friend.

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