More litter I find in Washington Square Park, and why I focus on it.

August 20, 2022 by Joshua
in Addiction, Visualization

Do you pick up litter when you visit your parks? What do you find? Do you find syringes and Narcan (an emergency drug to resuscitate someone who overdosed on opiates)? I do. Here’s some of what I found in Washington Square Park. Before you look, be sure to read after the pictures so I can explain why I keep posting about all the drug paraphernalia I find there.

Why I harp on drug paraphernalia

Syringes and Narcan imply heavy addiction. The people using them seem to have lost hope for a better tomorrow, making enjoying today their best option, even when it would mean ruining tomorrow since tomorrow is already ruined.

Here are a couple other pictures of Washington Square Park litter. However legal all the products, the people using them are just as addicted, but with one major difference: these users hurt everyone else, not just themselves. In terms of hurting others, they do it more.

Do you believe the heroin, crack, fentanyl, and meth users can look forward to a brighter future than just satisfying their urges? Do you believe they can get clean? If so, if you use bottled water, disposable anything, or consume doof: You can get clean too!

I focus on signs of addiction because you know they can get clean. It may not be easy, but they can and they’ll be glad they did. You’ll be glad when you never consume doof or buy anything disposable again.

Magnitude of Damage

However great the damage of an individual heroin or doof user, all of the above is nothing compared to flying, buying a car, running an air conditioner all the time, and many things Americans do that we don’t have to. You will love life as much more when you get clean of these addictions as you know the heroin users will.

Yes, you can.

Yes, you can.

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