Which of these progressive Democrats filling my world with garbage claims to be for the environment?

August 19, 2022 by Joshua
in Nature, Visualization

Election years mean candidates fill my mail box with garbage. Here’s a couple days’ worth. Next week there will be more. Now multiply by hundreds of thousands of mailboxes in my district and hundreds of millions across the country.

I guess the environment matters except when your interest are more important–what everyone says before they pollute. I call places that send me unsolicited mail to stop it, but it doesn’t work with these Democratic polluters. The campaign ends so a different Democratic polluter will do it next time. As politicians, they get discounts to pollute through bulk mail.

They’re taking advantage of privilege. Why should we think they’ll do differently on other environmental issues when they personally benefit from violating their principles?

I’m not saying Republicans do different, but Democrats claim to support cleaning the environment. I guess they mean others should change, not themselves. Alternatively, they could live by the values they say others should.

Another view:

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