My beliefs from a week of writing them

December 22, 2015 by Joshua
in Awareness, Exercises, Models

Here are the results of doing the exercise from this post, “An exercise in knowing your beliefs; so you can change them.” for a week. I wrote beliefs down each day, then put them on a file on my computer. I didn’t keep track of what order I wrote them in, so the numbers don’t mean anything. I just use them for reference.

I’m including my word-for-word results to show that the exercise output—what you will create when you do the exercise—is only sixty-odd sentence fragments. They may not make sense to anyone else, but I expect you’ll find you’ll write in your shorthand too. What you write only has to make sense to you.

There were a few I wrote but didn’t include here because they were too intimate. You’ll come up with those too. They may help you understand your relationships.

  1. Low standards first time

  2. Skiing/surfing model of decision-making

  3. Getting to Yes four rules

  4. Feedforward and the models leading to it

  5. Karate master never falling still always losing balance

  6. Everybody gets fifteen minutes

  7. Stress is you want the world to be one way and it’s another

  8. Your body physically manifests your thoughts and beliefs

  9. Samurai walk on goals

  10. For most tasks people’s ability don’t vary that much; Anything one person can do I can too

  11. No such thing as traits

  12. You have to say no to a lot of good things to have a great life

  13. Getting things done and the mind struggles to remember

  14. Everybody does their best / Don’t look for blame, responsibility

  15. Difficulty with effort

  16. It matters even when no one can see

  17. Every moment counts / Why we prefer winning the lottery to paralysis

  18. Martha Graham quotes

  19. You can choose your beliefs / Always interpret everything positively

  20. You can look for problems or solutions. You’ll find what you look for.

  21. Coaching and Michelangelo quote (friendship too)

  22. Noticing mango tastes better (avoiding living in past or future)

  23. We’ve barely improved quality of life since before Aristotle

  24. Flexibility in beliefs is a major component of intelligence (Zoolander)

  25. Everything always works out

  26. The Leader and the victim

  27. Social skills are most important to improve. Helps in all areas of life

  28. The Model and The Method (systematic: consistent, reliable, predictable)

  29. Pleasure and happiness depend on environment. Reward doesn’t.

  30. You can create as much emotional reward as you want. No upper limit.

  31. The more you love the more you can love more

  32. Baby learning to walk

  33. Crowding out

  34. Today’s world is not more stressful than before. Proof against press.

  35. Pain isn’t bad, nor are painful emotions

  36. Media always has motivation is to provoke outrage, indignation (Consumer Reports exception). If ad-based.

  37. The known laws of physics and math

  38. Evolution

  39. Evolutionary psychology

  40. Charisma gets you to any level of society, more effective than beauty

  41. If you skip one day you can skip two. If you skip two it’s over. (choice is harder than just doing it)

  42. Objections reveal unmet needs

  43. Good thing bad thing who knows

  44. Judgment repels people as much as anything / avoid judgment words

  45. Exercise never hurts, usually helps

  46. Any time you’re in one place you’re not in another / I don’t value traveling much over picking a great place to live

  47. People are basically similar / Look for similarities

  48. You think on the time scale of interruptions / Meditation

  49. Empathy gaps

  50. CCSG

  51. CEO was like heavy weights

  52. If you’re eating food you like with friends, you won’t be unhappy

  53. Problems with non-Method methods (resolutions, I want a new, law of attraction, positive thinking)

  54. Sleep, food, exercise

  55. Find what they like about what you want from them. Have them expand on it. Always refer to that emotion when you refer to that thing. Both get what each wants and they thank you for it.

  56. Best things in my life began as most anxiety-producing

  57. I support whatever consenting adults agree to.

  58. If you cross tracks at too slight an angle you fall in / preconceived notions

  59. Beliefs are easy to change

  60. Systems theory

  61. Competition Demystified (Sustainable competitive advantage) / strategy

  62. Mental chatter voices your beliefs. Changing it changes your beliefs

  63. Entrepreneurship myths and what works

  64. Goals: be valued member of community and family, enjoy beauty of nature (especially healthy food), always improve and learn

  65. Awareness of emotional processes and content is best way to improve life / mental chatter exercises, meditation

  66. Alternate between improving and resting on laurels.

  67. The art of what works (p.4: presence of mind, insight, resolution, combinations from history), someone has solved a problem like yours

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