My latest six fermentations, by reader request

January 7, 2022 by Joshua
in Nature, Tips, Visualization

Readers have asked me to post more on preparing food. As you know, one of my biggest motivations is accessibility. I try to promote what anyone can do and to show how to do it.

My sister asked me for pictures of my fermentations in action. I happen to have a few going, so took pictures of them. I thought making a video would help show what to expect. Before starting, I expected fermentation would be hard or risk spoiling. On the contrary, it’s easy: chop vegetables or fruit, mix with salt (or water for vinegar, with sugar optional), and let sit.

The result: depth and richness of flavors, healthy symbiotic bacteria, and the food doesn’t spoil. The process is forgiving, so I use a lot of cheap fruit and vegetables, for example I can buy bruised apples cheap at the farmers market. They’ll often throw ones in free they can’t sell.

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