My silly names for fruits and vegetable when I chop them

March 28, 2023 by Joshua
in Habits, Humor

I’m taking a break from sustainability leadership and my other usual topics to share something I’ve started sharing more lately. For some reason, while chopping fruits and vegetables, I’ve starting coming up with my own fun names for them.

I’ve generally held back from sharing silly things that might make me feel embarrassed or ashamed. Some things, though seem to prompt people sharing back silly things of theirs or finding things endearing. Maybe you’ll read the following and think less of me, but I’m enjoying finding the opposite.

The names:

Apples: apple-dee-grapple-dee

Zucchini: zuch-a-nini

Onions: onion-a-bunyon

Mango: mango-tango

Eggplant: dreggplant

Orange: borange

Banana: bananya

Oats: oats-and-groats

Ginger: gen-gen-gennembre (said with a French accent)

Carrots: scarrots

Cabbage: scabbage

Blueberries: bluebellies

Most produce names I don’t change. I probably forgot a few. I’ll add them when I remember them.


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