My sledding hill in March

March 19, 2022 by Joshua
in Nature, Visualization

I visited home in Philadelphia this weekend and stopped by my sledding hill, also known as Tommy’s Hill. I made a video last time.

This time I’ll just show pictures for quick scanning with commentary in the comments. First the most jarring image as a preview, can you see the “word” McDelivery? Someone had McDonald’s delivered, then littered the packaging.

Packaging from someone who had McDonald’s delivered. McDonald’s delivered must be one of the most pathetic signals of loss of values.

Consider getting McDonald’s delivered. What rock bottom of self-respect has this person dropped through? . . . Or rather has our society dropped through that this concept exists? It serves only to impoverish the poor and make more sick the already sick.

McDonald’s whole foundation is convenience. It was founded on not even having to leave your car. Yet that minimal effort was too much for this person, perhaps forgetting for hundreds of thousands of years, his or her human ancestors had to hunt and dig to eat. Instead, they had it delivered, as if the pollution and degradation of human dignity and of nature involved in factory farming wasn’t enough, they indulged in degrading yet more with extra packaging and driving.

Once you choose to do virtually nothing for what you stuff your maw with, you can choose among dozens, maybe hundreds of options of restaurants and cuisines. Yet you choose doof. What happened to our humanity?

People call me extreme for avoiding doof and packaged food. How is delivery and doof not among the most extreme sacrifices of humanity? How did choosing fresh fruits and vegetables become extreme?

My walk to my sledding hill

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