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February 2, 2015 by Joshua
in Models, Visualization

Some of my favorite posts are when I visual model something complex. I created a new category, “Visualizations,” and in this post will link to most of them.

Below are some of the visualizations I made. They’re out of context, but click on any to see the posts they’re in. I predict you’ll like them. Or click on the Visualization category to see all the posts in the category by title.

Sidcha Venn Diagram color



Difficulty with effort


Introversion Extroversion what the one-dimentional  model misses

Introversion extroversion spectrum

Emotion Awareness Respond 1


A Hard Choice

Boundaries 5

A more complicated choice

The Model

Emotional cycles by amount of reward

Representation of Flow-related emotions


Freedombox logo

Joshua Spodek Marathon Burpees

reward environment beliefs emotions behavior

Voluntary levers

A model of the Earth

Mental model: If he can do x, so can I!

Dog model -- cute, friendly

Active model (3)

Competition Demystified Decision Tree

Self awareness diagram

Fun rate in my life

Two months of posts

Emotion-passion spectrum


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