Now that we see orange juice like soda, I predict olive oil to join

November 16, 2018 by Joshua
in Habits, Nature

When I grew up, people considered orange juice healthy. Now I think people who looked it up generally agree that orange juice makers removed the oranges’ nutrition, leaving what nutritionally resembles soda more. OJ may have some vitamin C, but when did you last hear of someone you know getting scurvy?

Removing the fiber from a food usually removes most of its nutrition, which is why I’ll still eat orange’s peels, as in this video.

People want to hold on to believing that orange juice is healthy, and it tastes sweet, but I think most medical professionals know otherwise.


I predict that olive oil will go the way of orange juice. It removes the healthiest part of the fruit in favor of the unhealthy.

I respect whoever created the campaign that uses the phrase “healthy fat,” which probably sold as many avocados as anything else, but fat has a lot of calories per gram. Even if olives provide trace amounts of other nutrients, they’re overwhelmed by the fat.

In a world approaching 80% overweight and obese, olive oil is unhealthy for nearly anyone.

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