Video: Do what others fear, easy version

February 8, 2016 by Joshua
in Fitness, Nature, Nonjudgment, Tips

I’ve posted how unhealthy fruit juice is, how beverage corporations (Coke and Pepsi, mainly) turn even so-called “100% juice” orange juice into chemical concoctions (which led to a beverage industry PR person contacting me to try to change my story), and how healthy orange peels are. They’re full of fiber, vitamin C, and flavor and texture that contrast and complement the juice inside.

Since most people think of citrus fruit peels as not something you eat, except when covered in sugar, I think most people would consider eating them weird.

That’s their business. I thought that way too long. If I swam across the Hudson River, I can experiment with some fruit peel I learned is healthy and that people eat anyway. I just won’t add the sugar since the orange is sweet already.

For those too anxious to try it without seeing someone else do it first, I present myself doing what others fear:

Now you can eat orange peels, and other citrus fruits’ too. Blame me if people think you’re weird.

I got your back, knowing they’re drinking sugar devoid of nutrition while you eat fiber and vitamins.

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