People who claim not to judge and blame often do, illustrated, part 2

September 23, 2012 by Joshua
in Awareness, Blog, Humor

Following yesterday’s post on the Daily Show’s showing people saying they include and accept exclude and dismiss, here’s another on blaming and finger pointing, claiming others are doing it, not you.

Watching the clip is funny, but I’m including it here because it gives us a chance to introspect. The point of this blog is to provide tools and insight to learn and grow, and I think this clip does — though the surreality of the bit where the guy doesn’t stop finger-pointing while saying others should is amazing.

The people in the video seem blind about their different standards, begging the question of what we ourselves are blind to.

Think you’re not blind to some hypocrisy in yourself? So did they. I suggest you think again. You’ll only benefit from becoming aware of things about yourself others see but you don’t.

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