Yet more perspective on the economy, environment, and ecology

April 8, 2012 by Joshua
in Blog, Education, Nature

Following yesterday’s post on a the blog — Do the Math — that covers the economy, environment, and ecology the best I know, along with Limits to Growth, I found another blog that covers a perspective on economics I haven’t seen, but consider important.

We rely on an economics system based on growth but we live on a finite planet. We will one day reach an equilibrium with our environment. Well, we hope to — we could enter a perpetual cycle of booms and busts. In equilibrium instead of growth, how do we distribute resources? Mainstream economic theory falls apart, yet it seems obvious to me it can be done.

Enter the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy, which promotes understanding economics in equilibrium and describes consequences of pursuing perpetual growth you probably don’t want. I found it through Do the Math and saw it endorsed by E. O. Wilson.

The project appears young, but moving in a direction I see helpful.

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