What a pound of juicy, ripe cherries teaches you about life

May 20, 2014 by Joshua
in Awareness, Fitness, Nature

You can learn a lot from a cherry. Enjoying my first half-pound of these sweet, tangy, juicy wonders of nature of the season reminded me how much nature teaches us about life. Sorry to my southern hemisphere readers.

“Multitasking” makes you do multiple things poorly. Focusing on one thing gives you quality. I was about to start reading while eating. But wait! Why would I allow something to divert my attention from the cherries’ flavor and how they burst with juice in your mouth. Nor could I process what I read while giving any attention to the fruit.

No, better to do one thing well than two or more things poorly.

Experience and base feelings trump intellect. Did parents and school value grades over recess and playing outside? Did they push you to work on and value intellectual work over physical activity and emotional awareness? Were your school lunches horrible?

I bought into that thinking for too long too. The body knows what’s good for it and fresh fruit in season tops the list.

Enjoy healthy things. People seem to have so much trouble avoiding chocolate cake, soda, and putting sugar in their coffee. As far as I can tell, you can eat cherries all you want. Your body will probably tell you to stop eating them before you’ve had too much, if you can. I’ve almost finished the rest of the pound while writing.

I thought I had more life lessons from these cherries. Even without that much to say, it’s spring and these things are ripe. I hope you’re eating a bunch.

EDIT: I forgot to link to one of my favorite posts, relevant here: “Would you eat the cherry tomato?

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