A reader simplifies his life. You can too.

September 1, 2015 by Joshua
in Awareness, Choosing/Decision-Making, Freedom

My colleague and friend, Tim Francis, whose online course I took and loved on moving a business online, told me about how simplifying his life is improving it.

I sent him a link to my post, “Less, please,” which got him looking at his bookshelf. In a few minutes he went from describing the books’ value to questioning it to seeing value in the freedom of not books and putting them back in to circulation for others.

Everyone goes through the usual questions and protestations of “But what if I need to look something up?” and “But how will my friends know the awesomeness of my reading history?” Ultimately, only by getting rid of a few books do we realize the freedom of not books.

Our conversation changed from talking about books and possessions to talking about value in general, our values in particular, how to learn ours, and how to live more according to our values. How do you choose what to keep? Doing the exercise of parting with possessions forces us to learn and grow. It’s an easy start that can make a few dollars if you want.

A few hours later, he sent me a picture of his putting his first batch of books back in circulation.

I predict he’ll enjoy the process and put more back in circulation. Or he’ll teach me something new if he doesn’t.

Tim Francis Getting Rid of Books

Incidentally, besides finding his course useful and educational, I profited from taking it, so I endorse him.

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