“Running is bad for your knees” and other stupidity fools can’t stop spouting

December 12, 2013 by Joshua
in Blog, Fitness, Humor

If you run, fools will tell you running is bad for your knees.

One of the downsides of running is that these fools get excited to tell you that. So they do. I think they think they’re helping, telling you something special that you don’t already know.

Let’s get to the point. All exercise risks injuring you. All of my greatest injuries came from exercise or sports. Athletes get injured more than non-athletes. There is no sport or exercise with lower risk of injury than sitting on the couch, which is where you’ll end up listening to those fools, which is why I call them fools. Search on “yoga injury” or any other sport and injury.

People who exercise don’t do it to avoid injury. We do it knowing it involves risks that will eventually catch up to us.

People who exercise are also the most fit people. I’m injured now. I’m glad I am, even if it kept me from running the marathon, since it inevitably came from exercising.

Exercise means you will get injured. When I get injured I switch exercises and keep going, kind of like those fools, when they don’t like the show on the channel they’re watching they switch channels.

Here’s another. If you don’t eat meat, fools will tell you you need to get enough protein. Or vitamin b12. One of the worst parts of not eating meat is that these fools think they’re doing you a favor.


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