See me at Stand Up For Passion, March 3 in New York!

February 7, 2015 by Joshua
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The event

Stand Up For Passion

Stand Up For Passion is a tremendously personal and inspiring event that is growing and growing.

Created by entrepreneur/artist/director/comedian/performer Arnaud Collery, each event features seven speakers speaking for seven minutes each on a passionate story or experience in their life. The effect is to create community of people who get close to each other—performers and attendees.

I am honored that he invited me to speak at the next event, the evening of Tuesday, March 3, in Manhattan.

Unlike many other such events, Arnaud works with the speakers of each event closely, having us practice and directing the event. The effect is more genuine expression and higher quality than many events.

It’s expanding across the U.S. and to Europe and Asia. It’s exciting to participate in something growing so fast.

You’re invited!

Each speaker gets a limited number of tickets. I’m still learning the details of how many, but I’d love to bring a few readers. Please email me if you’re interested in attending. I’ve met with the other six speakers. They’re tremendous and their stories electrifying.

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