Stop complaining that it’s hard and change it

September 2, 2022 by Joshua
in Leadership, Nature

People keep complaining when I say I do something to pollute less that not everyone can do it. They lecture at me things like that not everyone has access to a farmers market and that there are single mothers in the world, as if anyone didn’t know these things.

Keep in mind that polluting, by definition, means hurting people. Stop complaining that trying to pollute less—that is, to hurt people less—is hard and change it.

If you complain people don’t have access to farmers markets, food coops, or CSAs, start one! People can make decent livings starting and operating them. The work will be incredibly rewarding, as will the community you form.

Stop complaining about finance and start a credit union!

Stop complaining people don’t know how to act (when I say how doing what I do saves money and time, they tell me others don’t know) and teach them!

You get the idea. There are countless things to do and people prefer to complain and stay complacent than act and help. I saw a lack of sustainability leadership so am acting to meet the demand. There are plenty of other needs to meet.

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