Technology comes from teams of people

December 28, 2015 by Joshua
in Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Models

Many people look to technology to solve problems. Technology has solved many problems. It helps us travel around the world, communicate with people anywhere instantly, makes amazing special effects in movies, and all that stuff that dazzles us.

I think a lot of people see technology as something that sprouts out of laboratories or the minds of people so unlike them they call them geniuses and consider them superhuman.

I see it differently. Technology comes from people. And almost never one person, so teams of people.

The more you can manage and lead people, the more you can create technologies to solve problems. If your goal is to get rich with technology, knowing how to work with and lead people can get you rich with technology. If your goal is to improve people’s lives with technology, knowing how to work with and lead people can improve people’s lives. You don’t even have to understand the technology you create perfectly.

Likewise, not knowing how to work with people can undermine your ability to implement even the most ingenious technological solution. Or lead to someone with more effective people skills to take over your project when you can’t.

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