The first interview mentioning my upcoming book

March 25, 2019 by Joshua
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Joan Sotkin invited me back to her podcast, Prosperity Place. We mostly spoke about environmental leadership, but it was the first public mentioning of my book coming out in a couple months.

From the podcast page, the highlights:

  • People think that acting for the environment is a sacrifice when in fact it’s fun.
  • Regarding the environment, leadership by example doesn’t work.
  • Josh manages to only throw out one small back of garbage a year! We talk about this.
  • He meets people where they are in order to encourage them to change their habits.
  • Community motivates culture change.
  • Josh aims for measurable results while people enjoy the process.
  • The question is, what skills do you develop as you move towards supporting the environment.
  • If you don’t do the little things, you’ll never get to the big things.
  • Josh’s mental model of Amazon is a big, polluting machine.
  • Acting on your values creates community.
  • Recycling is only a little better than throwing things out.
  • Companies are now talking to Josh about helping them become more environmentally aware.
  • When companies start changing there’s a sense of liberation.
  • We can’t change the past, what can we do now?
  • Use SMART goals.

Here’s my first conversation with Joan, Using Emotions as a Leadership Essential, from September 8, 2017.

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