The Great Isolation Part 3

May 1, 2020 by Joshua
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Rob and my conversations are becoming more interesting all the time. This week goes in two new, exciting directions.

First, Rob shares his writing experience—what I’ve come to learn happens a lot, but first heard from him, that his characters speak to him. I since came across a study that a Majority of authors ‘hear’ their characters speak, finds study.

We end the conversation with on-the-fly starting to schedule a town hall for me to address his conservative audience about the environment. I don’t see it as any more a political issue than traffic laws. I expect speaking to this audience about the environment will lead some to attack, as Rob points out, suggesting I talk to liberals who themselves aren’t doing what they tell others to. Frankly, liberals attack back too, claiming others should act. I don’t see anyone acting. I see everyone saying others should act, they themselves are the good guys.

Watch the video to see some of my views, hopes, and expectations for why I would stick my head in the lion’s mouth.

I believe we’re reaching deeper levels of openness and honesty. Listeners are telling us that they feel like they’re part of the conversation, which tells me that we’re finding and expressing commonalities of our lock-down experiences.

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