Keeping your habits and sidchas

May 2, 2020 by Joshua
in Habits, Models, SIDCHAs

I found a better way to characterize daily habits and sidchas. I used to think of them like brushing my teeth. I don’t remember the last time I went to bed without brushing.

That characterization made my sidchas easier for me, but not others. They still think of daily habits as hard, rigid, burdensome. They suggest I take a break: “Josh, really, what would happen if you took a break and laid in bed more than 60 seconds? Live a little!” They think I’m depriving myself.

Think of daily habits like feeding your dog

Think of a daily habit like feeding your dog. Would you consider taking a break and “living a little” by not feeding your dog for a day? Dog owners who travel do everything to take care of the dog while away.

A dog means a decade of daily responsibility. I’ve never heard a dog owner complain about that responsibility. A dog costs money and time. Most of my sidchas give me time. Even my longest-running sidcha hasn’t lasted a usual dog lifetime.

Me and Rosie

Speaking of dogs, here are me and my mom and stepfather’s dog, Rosie, from two weeks ago when we got some late snow.

Joshua Spodek and Rosie in the snow

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