The “Inflation Reduction Act”: Hear me speak on it with Eugene Bible of This Sustainable Life

August 17, 2022 by Joshua
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The Inflation Reduction Act has been in the news a lot lately. Since it introduces initiatives designed to help climate change (not so much other environmental issues, many at least as important), people have asked me about it.

Eugene Bible, who hosts another branch of This Sustainable Life, recorded a conversation on the IRA, differences between management and leadership, coercing versus leading, intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation, and how I view the act. He posted it to his podcast: Special Episode – The Inflation Reduction Act w/ Joshua Spodek

Even if you don’t want to hear my views, if you want to hear what this country just passed, Eugene begins the conversation by summarizing many of the act’s measures intended to help on sustainability. You’ll learn from the conversation.

Update: Eugene posted a video of our conversation. Since I disconnected my apartment from the electric grid, I didn’t have any lights so you can see my background getting darker as the sun set.

Eugene’s episode notes:

TSL:SFN Special Episode – The Inflation Reduction Act w/ Joshua Spodek

Inflation Reduction Act just passed through the senate, house, and is now heading for President Biden’s desk. Today we’re going to talk about what’s in it, and then have a discussion on sustainability and whether this bill is making us more sustainable or not with Joshua Spodek, Author of Leadership Step by Step, Professor at NYU, and probably the most sustainably living person in the USA. Tune in!

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