TOMORROW: My webinar with LEADx, “Lead without authority”

March 26, 2018 by Joshua
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TOMORROW NOON eastern (9am pacific) see me live on the LEADx webinar, “Lead without authority.”

LEADx told me that over 100 people have registered so far. It’s free, but you have to register.

LEADx is important. They created Inc.’s annual influential list of 100 top public speakers (16 of whom have been on my podcast or I’ve been on theirs).

We’ll cover a set of skills that will get you far in life, and whose lack can lead to stagnation. You’ll learn

  • How to lead people you don’t have authority over, such as your boss, clients, the CEO, family, friends
  • How to create meaningful connections with anyone
  • Why most connections are meaningless and hold you back from leading others

Here’s a screen shot of their registration page. Click it to register.

Lead without authority, LEADx's webinar with Joshua Spodek

Lead without authority, LEADx’s webinar with Joshua Spodek

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