Tragic doof addiction statistics: up to 70 percent of children’s calories.

May 1, 2022 by Joshua
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Podcast guest Dr. Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM did a video on doof, which he calls ultraprocessed food, junk food, or ultraprocessed junk food. He’s a multiple time number one bestselling author and host of

Experience shows me that using the word food confuses people into thinking it’s food when it isn’t. Just because something fills your belly when you’re hungry doesn’t mean it’s food. Heroin would make the hunger pangs go away too and it’s made from poppy. Should we call it junk food too?

If we called cocaine “coca leaf extract” or heroin “poppy extract” we might consider them healthier. They derive from those plants, but we recognize they’re qualitatively different.

Prepare to be shocked by how much of what America spends its money on and shoves down its maw is doof. One number from the video: kids may consume up to 70 percent of their calories from doof.

Enjoy Coca-cola!
Enjoy Coca-cola!

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