Unnecessary pollution

June 30, 2014 by Joshua
in Awareness, Nature

Thoughts while putting my clothes in the dryer:

clothing rack dryer

Every time you leave a light on in an empty room, you use more electrical power than Alexander the Great, who conquered an empire, in his entire life.

Every time you start a car, you burn more gasoline than Napoleon, who won more battles than anyone in history, in his entire life.

Every time you turn on the clothes dryer, you use more electrical power to do it than the billions of humans who ever lived, collectively, from the dawn of time until about seventy-five years ago did for all their clothes ever.

Every time you turn on an air conditioner, you pollute more than anyone who lived in a similar climate since forever to cool themselves, which included all of them through less than a century ago.

Somebody breathes the pollution these activities create.

Mozart, Bach, Shakespeare, Newton, Euclid, and Galileo had no conveniences advertised today.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been air drying about half my clothes for a while, while getting around to getting a clothes drying rack to put by the window. In the meantime, I’m responsible for that extra pollution.

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