Venture Capital myths

May 17, 2011 by Joshua
in Blog, Entrepreneurship

For those who appreciated my series on entrepreneurial myths and productive behaviors, my friend and business school classmate, Ian Sigalow, posted on myths in venture capital, in particular “The Myth of the Board Seat.

Ian is an all-too-rare person who is successful at both entrepreneurship and venture capital. In school he got one of the most desired positions, working with Alan Patricof (also Columbia MBA) to found Greycroft Partners, where he is now a Partner, to work on smaller and earlier deals than Alan’s Apax Partners had come to work on.

His observation and advice, as you’d expect, is thoughtful and useful, in a field known for too much of the opposite.

Oh yeah, we also did Follies together, which says he’s a great guy more than everything above.

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