What do you think of this person’s flying habits? (part 2)

November 8, 2023 by Joshua
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I’ve been copying the travel comments from the newsletters from a friend into a file. I edited out people’s names and put in bold the names of places, but otherwise it’s as she wrote it

What do you think about this lifestyle? I think I once would have aspired to live this way. Even if I didn’t want to fly this much when I flew, I think I would have felt some envy.

Now I read it as empty. I see craving. Trying to do business helping people but chasing something. Aren’t there people nearby she can help? Abraham Lincoln didn’t fly anywhere and seemed to have helped a few people. I don’t know if I’ve found deeper values that others might identify too or if people will see me as out of touch not to take advantage of and benefit from the fruits of progress and human ingenuity. I’d be curious to learn how others perceive it: would you prefer to live like her? Maybe I’m misreading her, but I feel in our polluted world I can help more people by not flying, that only self-powered transport (walking, biking) maybe taking an occasional bus or train will enable me to help more people, grow, learn, exchange culture, seeing my culture from the outside, live adventure, and what travel can achieve than what I see her getting.

May 23: Hello from Davos! It’s beautiful here – sunny, bright, and everyone’s in a festive mood. The WEF moved their meeting from January to May, and since this is my first time attending, I think the weather’s always good (Everyone tells me that it’s usually 20 degrees and snowing). I’m in the middle of my 3-month travel odyssey that started with TED in Vancouver in April and will end in June after my talk at The Next Web in Amsterdam (hit me up for a discount code if you want to attend.) It’s wonderful to see people in person, lead offsites, be on panels and give talks again. . . When I was in California about 3 weeks ago, . . .

June 24: Continuing on my mega journey…I loved Amsterdam and my talk at TNW went well – so well that the bookstore sold out of my books!!! (Yes, there will be video footage.) Now I’m in Toronto getting ready to moderate a number of panels and speak at Collision, another great tech conference.

November 8: I’m writing this from the plane home from Lisbon. I’m returning from Web Summit where I had a blast moderating a panel about how to build a “unicorn” and keynoting on the Women in Tech stage. It’s been a minute since my last note! I’ve had a bit of a whirlwind travel jag: giving my TEDx talk in Florence; speaking at a Mastermind of incredible entrepreneurs in Mexico; seeing clients and hosting dinners in LA, and now on my way back from Lisbon.

December 16: I was just in Austin for a few days.

November 20: A few weeks ago I was back in my happy place in Baja.

February 1: I went to Davos a few weeks ago

May 6: Unbelievably, the person sending this newsletter referred to the person in part 3!:

Have you been following the story of my good friend [person in part 3] on Twitter?

Here was his opener: “I want to do a blind date and go to Tokyo next weekend. If you’re a woman with a passport who likes sushi and Japanese food and can ride a bike in a big city… let’s go”

He found a young lady, and off they went to Japan. He’s been documenting the whole thing on twitter. They ended up staying there a few extra days and had a wonderful adventure.

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