What do you think of this person’s flying habits? (part 3)

November 8, 2023 by Joshua
in Addiction, Habits

I’ve been copying the travel comments from the newsletters from a friend into a file. I edited out people’s names and put in bold the names of places, but otherwise it’s as he wrote it.

What do you think about this lifestyle? I think I once would have aspired to live this way. Even if I didn’t want to fly this much when I flew, I think I would have felt some envy.

Now I read it as empty. I see craving. Trying to fulfill wants but never satisfied. I don’t know if I’ve found deeper values that others might identify too or if people will see me as out of touch not to take advantage of and benefit from the fruits of progress and human ingenuity. I’d be curious to learn how others perceive it: would you prefer to live like him? Maybe I’m misreading him, but I feel I can get more of what he’s seeking by not flying, that only self-powered transport (walking, biking) maybe taking an occasional bus or train will bring me more travel experience, growth, learning, cultural exchange, cultural awareness, diverse cuisine, seeing my culture from the outside, adventure, and what I seek from travel than what I see him getting.

November 2, 2022: Hello from Austin, Texas. I finally got COVID! Notes on that at the end. And I’m going to Mexico City for a few days soon.

November 30: I’m finally back in Austin after the past 4 weeks of travel. I went to Costa Rica, Mexico City, Denver, and NYC. Looking forward to getting back into a routine at home now, sleeping in the same bed, and even grocery shopping.

January 16, 2023: Me swimming in the Cayman Islands a few weeks ago.

March 8: I’m excited for my first real SXSW. Austin feels electric today.

April 7: I’m traveling for the next week! Here’s where I’ll be: Las Vegas, NV on April 7 & 8 (I’m here now!) Los Angeles, CA on April 9 Victoria, BC on April 12 for a workshop Vancouver, BC on April 14

May 9: Here’s where I’ll be over the next few weeks: New York City this weekend, May 12-14 Mexico City on May 16-18 San Diego, CA on June 5-6 speaking at a conference

May 14: I am going to Mexico City, had to change my NYC plans— I’ll be back in 2 weeks to NYC

June 5: I’m writing you today from a hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Heading to San Diego to speak at a conference tomorrow, and then speaking to 100 students at Draper University in San Francisco on Wednesday night.

June 22: It was an honor to see my book The 2-Hour Cocktail Party front and center at the Austin airport

July 13: I’m hanging out in the Shibuya neighborhood of Tokyo today. Some friends and I bought a little apartment here in Tokyo

August 3: Hi from Singapore! And headed to Phoenix next. Inside: 17 cool products, 2 types of popcorn, how to save money on airfare, AirPods to sleep, and more.

August 25: viral videos from my trip to Tokyo, Bangkok, Manila, and Singapore. . . Upcoming Travel Boston: Sept 5th to 8th for INBOUND Denver: Sept 27 to 29th for a conference Orlando, FL: Oct 15th to 17th for BPCON Houston, TX: Oct 28 to 30th for HostCon

March 8, 2024: I’m flying to NYC tonight for a quick visit. Then back to Austin for SXSW. . . I got an upset stomach & GI distress in Mexico City a few weeks ago . . . <following a link>: I spent a weekend in Winston-Salem, North Carolina at Wake Forest University

April 12, 2024: I got to fly on a friend’s private jet this past Monday to watch the eclipse with zero cloud cover.

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