Why we’ll prefer sustainability

August 5, 2023 by Joshua
in Art, Models, Nature

Why people mistakenly think sustainability means deprivation and sacrifice and think not polluting is extreme:

I used to party with world famous DJs. Manhattan dance clubs gave me tables and an unlimited guest list back when I made art that a few clubs put in their VIP lounges.

Sometimes amid an amazing party, someone would leave early to walk their dog or relieve their baby sitter.

From my partying perspective, they looked crazy. Here was a world famous DJ, we’re behind the booth, the party would continue all weekend, sometimes free booze, drugs, the works. Instead they’re choosing to pick up an animal’s poop, maybe get a baby’s poop on their hands. Crazy!

From their perspective, though, there was no comparison. A party isn’t in the same league of their child or even their pet. Even a gardener values their activity of nurturing and love over partying if they really know it.

They weren’t leaving a party. They were going to love—a child or pet that they loved and loved them back.

Thrill and excitement doesn’t compare with meaning or purpose, let alone love. Nor do comfort, convenience, or accumulating stuff. Sustainability brings meaning, purpose, and love. When you get it, it brings as much as family or any other value. Yes, it does.

Mentioning my art at clubs, people who don’t know my art won’t understand what they’re seeing, but here are a couple of the displays I put up at Crobar New York from its grand opening nearly twenty years ago to its closing.

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