Women, men, and Harvey Weinstein

October 17, 2017 by Joshua
in Nature, Perception

Why, when talking about education and promotions, the mainstream media voice is that gender differences are minimal:

But when Harvey Weinstein assaults, everybody sees him behaving as a man, not a person in power:

Are there minimal gender differences, in which case should we treat Weinstein as a person, not a man, and expect that women with the same power will behave similarly?

Or do genders differ, in which case should treat them differently?

Do people look think men are sexual predators for being male? Do people think women are bad drivers or deserve less pay for being women? Is one view sexist but not the other?

If women haven’t held institutional authority, how can we say they wouldn’t behave like men? If we do, on what grounds, besides saying that men and women are different?

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