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July 29, 2012 by Joshua
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Following up a comment on my post on the What Works in X web page genius idea, I created a mind map as a rough outline for the site to illustrate it better. It’s only a rough outline, but I think a good start.

Copying from my response to the reader’s comment

I envision people at What Works in X sharing anecdotes of things they’ve done at a higher level, like how they got hired by doing something different or got into North Korea or things like that… available in any area.

Of course, I put the idea up for others to do with it what they want. I’m as happy to inspire someone else’s slightly different vision as for them to implement mine.

Also, I think branding or look and feel is important. The book The Art of What Works not only has a nice, clean look and feel, the author has an excellent reputation at one of the world’s great business schools — Columbia. Attaching those brands to it could help a lot.

If you don’t use mind maps, I highly recommend them (in particular, Freemind, which I use).

Drag it around and click around. To navigate

  • use arrow keys or click white space and drag to move the map
  • click the ‘+’ or ‘-’ icon at the top to resize the map
  • click the “fit” icon at the top (to the right of the ‘-’) to fit the visible part of the mindmap in the space available
  • click nodes  in the mindmap to show or hide nodes beneath them — dragging, resizing, or re-fitting as necessary afterward

[freemind height=’600px’ width=’700px’]/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/what_works_in_x_map.mm[/freemind]

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