Year 9, day 1 not flying

March 23, 2024 by Joshua
in Addiction, Leadership, Nature

I last flew March 23, 2016. If I calculated right, today begins Year 9 of not flying.

I expected that first year to be the worst of my life. Now I see flying as tearing families, communities, and nations apart.

Everyone thinks of flying as bringing them to distant family members. What scattered the family in the first place? You didn’t bike away from your family. Likewise with feeling nature or business requires traveling flying distance for it.

That it pollutes so much and displaces people from their land to take the minerals and fuel underneath has become secondary to it acting more like a drug: meth gives you a jolt of energy, but overall lowers your energy in life.

Scenes like the one below don’t come from people biking. They come from people doing unsustainable things.

Kuwait invasion oil fire

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