Zero kilowatt-hours for the third month in a row

September 8, 2022 by Joshua
in Freedom, Leadership, Nature

I got my latest Con Ed bill, for August. For many people August is their highest bill, from air conditioning.

Well, mine is zero kilowatt-hours for the third month in a row. Today is day 110, about 108 days longer than I thought possible before starting. You probably think you couldn’t do it. I thought I couldn’t either, until I did. Instead, this is Freedom: not hurting people. What else is pollution?

My supply charge is $0.00. I hear talk about rates increasing. I’m concerned that if they double, my supply charge may double to $0.00!

You may be glad to know I subsidized your costs with my basic service charge since I haven’t asked Con Ed to turn off my power.

ConEd August 2022

I may reconnect the circuit to draw power from the grid soon. The broken solar panel means I don’t have any electrical power at home, only plugging in my computer and phone at NYU, where I am now.

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