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September 9, 2022 by Joshua
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I met Larry and Mike, who run Manopause and its podcast, through guest Mark Victor Hansen, and we hit it off. Maybe because Manopause targets people like me: men in their 50s and older, though around a third of their readers are women.

I had just started my experiment disconnecting from the electric grid. They saw the leadership part, not just my personal experiment, and had to bring me on the podcast. The conversational style brought out parts I didn’t get to share in posts and solo podcast episodes. Plus they’re funnier than I am alone.

Here’s the audio:

Here’s the video:

Here are the show notes:

Joshua Spodek PhD, MBA – Podcast Host, Speaker & Leadership Coach

Changing the world can start with one person. Mike and Larry talk to Joshua Spodek, PhD, MBA, astrophysicist, best-selling author, leadership coach, and a man making a difference. He has been on a journey of sustainability, conservation, and responsibility and is passing on his knowledge and passion to others. Whether it’s generating only one bag of garbage over 3 years, using exclusively solar and battery power in his home, or picking up trash during his active day, Joshua Spodek walks the walk. Find out how you can take the first small steps to make a world-changing difference!

About the podcast:

MANOPOD: Podcasts Dedicated To Men Over 50! Founders Larry Pollack and Mike Essrig talk about MANOPAUSE – everything men are facing in their 50s, 60s and 70s. From sex, marriage, divorce, travel, charity, kids, grandkids, taking care of parents, health, diet, exercise and much more! Tune in weekly to hear discussions with key influencers about subjects that matter to the ‘Manopause Man’

About Manopause

In 2007, three middle-aged guys, Fritz Opel, Michael Essrig, and Larry Pollack, started what our wives called a “Bromance.: We came from different backgrounds, had unrelated careers, but suffered from the same malady: Manopause.

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