Product review: Webinarninja embarrassed me in front of customers. One of the worst products I’ve used.

March 21, 2016 by Joshua
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EDIT: I’ve started using Webinarjam, which has worked flawlessly so far. I recommend it instead. I haven’t compared it with others beside Webinarninja, which failed me miserably and whose customer support wasted my time, so I can say it works. It’s possible there are better alternatives, but I’m happy with it. To see my use of Webinarjam in action, check out my recurring webinar describing my leadership course, which as of January 2016 runs weekly on Thursdays. Click here to register and see it (you can unsubscribe after watching it).

I am pleased to promote products and services that deliver or overdeliver, such as a remarkably helpful flight attendant, my thirty-year-old-and-still-going-strong rice cooker / vegetable steamer / miracle appliance, and the pressure cooker that has improved cooking for me more than any other appliance.

Rarely am I so disappointed with a product or service that I feel responsible to warn others about it. Webinarninja is one example. They are one of the few companies I have stopped doing business with without an alternative in place. I’m improving my ability to give webinars and want to do more, but I’d rather do none than work with them.

I’ve hosted five webinars with their software. Each one suffered technical problems, design that made basic functionality impossible, and negligible follow-up from customer service.

I chose them because they appeared to provide the functionality I wanted and only that, plus the founder’s videos showed someone who cared. I believe they intended to create an effective product. For me, they failed.

After each problem, I sent the most helpful emails I could to understand what happened and to help them redesign and debug. I’m embarrassed now at the effort I put in to helping them, seeing how that time was wasted.

I wrote this piece at that described what a horrible disaster their software’s bugs and poor design created. I could make the most of an embarrassing situation, but that doesn’t excuse that they marketed and sold something incomplete. And that they changed the design without documenting it. I held back on naming them there, giving them the benefit of the doubt that they might improve.

But I’ve held several webinars since then, the problems haven’t improved, and their customer service hasn’t admitted that their product would continue to embarrass me in front of customers, even when using the product exactly as designed.


  1. In the last webinar I hosted, the software showed my microphone as on, but attendees got no sound. Yet the automatic recording did have sound, so my settings must have been right.
  2. On my screen the webinar showed my slides full screen. The recording showed my slides taking half the screen. I don’t know what attendees saw.
  3. In past webinars, before the webinar started, the software broadcast sound from my computer to people on the waiting page, with no sign to me they could hear me.
  4. I can’t see both slides when projecting and the comments from attendees, so I can’t tell when questions arise.
  5. It turned my camera light on while it wasn’t recording. Given that the software consistently tells me the wrong thing that attendees see, I couldn’t be sure I wasn’t on camera when I didn’t want to be.
  6. It sent emails for the wrong webinar.

I could go on, but the number one job of webinar software is to deliver your message as intended. Webinarninja jumbled my message without warning. Attendees wrote back to tell me about problems with the software instead of asking about my product.


Here is an example of my emails trying to help them. Again, I’m embarrassed now at the time I spent helping a company that shows no sign of helping itself, but I don’t want people to think I’m just complaining. Here’s another example email trail.

Here is screen shot of a webinar as an attendee saw it that the software showed on my screen as the slide taking up the full screen:

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 1.11.48 PM

I didn’t want that shadowy figure on the right, nor did I know it was there. The software gave me no sign. I wanted just the slides, which the software erroneously showed.

More importantly, attendees wrote things like:

  • The slide/camera display on the ‘ninja’screen setup is an unlucky layout. Get rid of the video space to enlarge the slides by at least 80%
  • The slides were too small, way too small, nearly impossible to read.
In other words, the software distracted them from my content. What a disaster!

In summary

As a human who feels compassion for people, I wish the best for the people behind this software.

As a businessman who believes in markets and competition helping deliver value to people with needs, I hope companies like Webinarninja that sell products full of bugs and design flaws but claim they are ready change or go bankrupt.

I recommend you not do business with them.

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36 responses on “Product review: Webinarninja embarrassed me in front of customers. One of the worst products I’ve used.

  1. Appsumo is currently running a promotion with WebinarNinja. That’s when I stumbled upon your review… thanks!

  2. As a professional Technologist I had recommended this product publicly on social media as “it’s worth trialing” I publicly retract my recommendations and sincerely apologize to all that may have acted on my recommendations – I wish to now publicly offer my honest and true opinion – when I seek a solution there are several things I take into consideration one of these things who is backing the product and the attitudes of the decision makers – I believe no matter how good a product or service is if the co-founder of a company acts in my professional irrational in response to feedback that was asked for by the company, only suggests to me this company is at high risk, it doesn’t matter if they have sustained business for 2 years or more at the end of the day I believe in my professional opinion that there is an internal attitude problem being reflected onto pating customers – and I question who wants to do business with somebody that is more odd and strange than me? – yes Omar you offered me a refund in what appeared an offer to make me go away….. I’ll take the refund but that is all! Kind Regards,

    • Sorry to hear they got you too.

      I also agree the attitude and behavior of the decision-makers matters. The customer service never helped and didn’t have power to address the company’s apparent strategy to add features without fixing bugs making it unusable, making it unusable with more features.

      The product seems like a building built on sand. It’s tipping over and their response is to build higher and put on a shinier facade — that’s my impression, anyway.

      • Yep spot on – not in my 20+ years have I felt so shot down, in fact most that know me suggest I have the longest fuse on the planet, I really don’t have the time or even care to worry about feeling this way – but for some strange reason this case has really pushed my button (and a button I didn’t even know I had) – look at my above post….. my stress over this is showing in my really bad typos etc. and I don’t even know why? – anyhow need to let some steam out and cool off – keep up the good work I found this article as a direct link from the product comment page. I say there will be more heading this way – I hear you, the model you are suggesting appears to becoming more the trend. I think, me being so upset is I’m finding this is an increasing trend globally.

  3. Joshua, thanks for the warning. I, too, was looking into this deal on AppSumo, and fortunately saw your comment before pulling the trigger. As horrifying as your experience was, what really turned me off even more was the RESPONSE to your post on the AppSumo page. “…you should know better than to think one users’ experience is every users’ experience.” Really? “You should know better?” No acknowledgement of what went wrong and an explanation of how they fixed or are fixing it? Unreal. Sorry you had to go through that. If you find a good webinar service, do let us know!

    • Exactly. I can deal with a lot of technical problems if the human side works. I gave a lot of slack because they seemed sincere and I wanted to help them debug, but neither debugging nor working with their customers seem to be a strategic interest.

      I’ll post when I find something better. For now I’m holding off on webinars.

  4. I was having a real problem getting the webinar viewer screen bigger which I saw as a huge issue. We finally played around with it and got the screen to fill up the whole space. You would think that the software would allow the viewer to adjust the screen size but this adustment is made by the person giving the seminar (you, if you’re the presenter) This is difficult to do that unless youre looking at a webinar screen at the same time and took a lot of fiddling. After finally getting the screen size larger, I at this stage, deem this software useful, even though I wish the viewer screen size could even be larger still. I did try to view my test webinar on my mobile phone and couldn’t get it to work. I think of a lot of people would like to view a webinar on their phones and if it won’t work there then it’s going to lose some usefulness. I’ve not tried to live webinar (only tests within my office) but at least I’ve been warned of all the potential issues and if a live scenario ends up bombing – I’ll probably just look for an alternate solution, chock up the lesson to the proverbial “if it sounds too good to be true…” (and ignore app sumo deals forevermore).

  5. Picking up this late… I did not jump with AppSumo as earlier comments had strange issues with 200mb and 2 hours (per whole event, even with multi streams).

    Revisiting I see you had problems !

    Who do you recommend presently that has the holy grail of reliability at a good price. I have an idea for a webinar/seminar but it would not generate income for the first few iterations, so a few hundred dollars a month plan won’t be ideal. Key would be ability to scale up users rather than say “first 100 people only…”, have it behind a registered log-in code (if it can be monetarised, or an upgrade if you pay such as downloadable sessions) and ideally playing in pre-recorded video interviews. Live option is good too!

    Kind regards and thanks ahead of time for any suggestions!

    • Darren,

      I wish I had a service I could recommend. I opted not to do webinars for a while. This page has been getting a bunch of hits so if anyone can recommend a better option, please do. It will probably help others.

      I just know what I’m not using.


      • Hi Josh, I just signed up for a free 14 day trial with Webinar Ninja. I’m looking for a lowermost alternative. I have been a long time GoToWebinar user, which has always worked flawlessly. The only issue I have is that it is a bit pricey, plus there’s no easy way to integrate payments or offers. I have also used WebinarJam, in fact I have a lifetime no cost license, but have found the delay between my presentation and viewer chats to be hard to deal with, so live Q&A sessions are difficult to conduct.

        • Good luck! Let us know how it goes. My goal is to spur the company to a great product, which helps everyone. If they reach it, I’m happy to support them. If they don’t, I prefer to help consumers avoid unnecessary hassle.

  6. I just experienced almost all of the issues you did Josh – we have run two webinars before this with some minor tech stuffups but this one had 50% of attendees experiencing issues. We also had the audio BEFORE the webinar started issue (which i almost didnt believe until you reaffirmed it).

    Have you come across any better alternatives? I think the premise of what they do is good but it is just far too buggy.


    • Tommy, sorry to learn they got you too, but thank you for sharing. It’s disappointing to work with a product apparently built on a shaky foundation and with a team apparently focused less on the customer than I don’t know what.

      I’ve held off on doing webinars since then, so I can’t recommend anything else yet. If you find something you like, please report back here, since people are finding this page and looking for something that works.

      • Ever since I’ve been frantically looking for new software, because the bottom line is they work for converting high and mid funnel users into customers. has been the best one we’ve come across so far, and I’m happy to spend a bit more if it’s going to be more reliable.

  7. I also had a nightmare webinar with this product. I wanted it to work so badly b/c it has so many great features. Setting it up was a dream, integration with me esp and landing pages was awesome. But the webinar itself, NIGHTMARE.

    • Sorry to hear they got you too. Given that it happened, thank you for sharing so that others can learn. I hope in the long run they listen to their customers and improve the product.

      Who wants to risk using something putting their face and name to the world and, specifically, their customers?

  8. Joshua, since July have you found a good alternative webinar provider you can recommend? I came across this post while considering Webinar Ninja and am surprised that months after you originally wrote it, others are still commenting about ongoing problems. Thanks!

    • It’s disappointing that the problems keep happening with Webinar Ninja. I’d prefer to sing people’s praises, like I do my pressure cooker.

      I’m just re-starting doing webinars now. I’m using WebinarJam based on peer recommendations but I haven’t started using it yet so can’t comment on it in use. I’ll post again here after I’ve experienced it in use.

  9. Joshua,

    I’m hoping you’ll have an update soon. I’ve come across Webinar Jeo – have you heard of it? I’m skittish about anything that relies on Google or YouTube, so Jeo is interesting to me because it runs on AWS.

    Thanks for your review!

  10. GoToWebinar seems like the ‘safe’ choice. You pay a premium but you get what you pay for (reliability and stability).

  11. I can’t say anything about the product, except that I never used it because the so-called “all-in-one” solution wouldn’t let add any copy to the registration page. (I went with Webinar Jam and it seems MUCH better.)

    What I can say, though, is that their customer service is a complete disaster. I now have to waste my time getting the bank to do a charge-back because they charged me unfairly. Say No to Webinar Ninja!!!

    • Sorry to hear they hurt another person. I wish by now they’d improved. They certainly had time to. I guess they have other priorities.

      • “Hurt” is a really good word to use! I’m like you in that I like to give kudos wherever they’re deserved. I also like to give feedback to help businesses succeed (which interestingly enough, I did to Webinar Ninja when I first signed up).

        My guess is that their support team is outsourced and they simply don’t care. Anyhow, thanks for the sympathy! It’s lightened an otherwise good day which they spoiled!

  12. Update – Its now 2018.
    My marketing guy talked me into getting the AppSumo “$50 lifetime subscription” for Webinarninja in 2016 (V4 I believe). After a short test we never used it because it pretty much sucked. Then late last year they came out with version 5, which on paper had some potential, Fortunately they grand fathered my old subscription to upgrade to the new version. It has significantly improved in the several ways. but IMHO it is till a beta test version being sold at full price. The learning curve for producing a “Good” webinar is still quite steep

    They have had a couple of recent “updates” to fix rather basic UI bugs, much like what your described, However figuring out where the bugs are and how to work around, or avoid, them is a PITA. An example: I had to create about 20 short “test” webinars to figure out how to resolve several buggy issues they don’t bother to point out – one of those issues is that there is (still) no way to delete all those garbage “test webinars” that now clog up your scree when you are preparing a “real webinar”.

    We do plan to use WebinarNinja on a limited basis: 1) since it is “free” for us (due to the lifetime subscription), 2) the CRM part does work reasonably well now, and 3) it is now good enough (and we now know enough tricks) to produce for some fairly decent recorded webinars that will be useful. It is now definitely worth our $50 (especially for the improved CRM features); but its it is still has a fairly buggy “beta UI” that contains hurtful “surprises” for the unwary, so I still recommend not paying full price at this point..

  13. Date: April 2018

    I was Googling to find a replacement for Webinar ninja and I found this post. This post makes me feel comforted in some way. I had followed the founders podcast for a while, I bought the annual because the demo went well for HIM, and I have a habit of research too much and never taking action.

    After multiple tries, I have not been able to be successful with the webinar.

    Thanks to Webinarninja’s multiple failures I have learned to balance out my need for exhaustive and ever-ending research with taking action wisely. That lesson learned was worth the price I have paid.

  14. Thanks for sharing. I was recommending Webinar Ninja by an event organiser, terrible mistake. Cut out 13 minutes into a 1.5 hour presentation with prospect that I spent a lot of time and money getting to my webinar.

    • Argh! I would think that after all this time, people that cared about their customers would stop results like yours.

      Sorry to hear, but, given that it happened, thanks for sharing if it helps prevent others from similar results.

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